Tuesday, December 8, 2009

9 weeks

A belated happy Thanksgiving!!!

Jack is a really big help!!!!



The holiday season is closing in on us and the boys have are 9 weeks old. They are really starting to get big and they are becoming more human everyday. Sam was smiling at Jack yesterday during a short torture session. Jack is a very good big brother and is staring to have more fun with his sweethearts. The boys all recieved their RSV shot last week. Thank god!! So we are hoping for a healthy winter. Of course they got weighed at the Dr. as well.

Sam = 10lbs 11 oz
Drew= 9lbs 14oz
Max= 9lbs 12 oz

They are really packing it on. Which is a good thing because it means that a full nights sleep is around the corner!! They did really well last night. They ate at 11:30 and Max woke up at 3:45 and started the invasion into our bed. He didn't eat until quarter till 5 and and then Sam and Drew both started to stir around 5-5:30. So really about 5 hours or so!!! The Vickers Trio will be sleeping through the night before Santa comes!!! I have been talking to them about sleeping a lot since they were in their one bedroom apartment in my body and itis paying off!! Alway think positive!!!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

7 weeks old ...The saga continues!!!

We have made it to almost two months with the Trio. Time really flies. They are all growing and changing everyday. Drew,Max&Jack all caught colds and I have spent more time up at the Booger Clinic (Children's Clinic) then I thought possible. Two times in one day with different kids each time! All the boys are over 8lbs, Sam is 1/2 an ounce away from 9lbs. Jack continues to love on his "sweethearts" or "my boys" as he likes to call them as he basically licks their heads and spread all the germs he can on them! It is a disgusting display of love! I have also decided that people really want to see more pics and less of my writing so I doubled the pics this week!! Thanks again to all the help that we have been getting! We are truly blessed with wonderful friends and family!

OOh I almost forgot people are really interested in how much of everything we use. Now we are not the Duggars, but we are cruising through formula, diapers, and wipes at rapid rate!!

One Days Baby needs:
24 - 4oz bottles...about 108oz of formula a day..about 1 can a day.
24-30 diapers a day
1/2 - 1 box of wipes- especially the homemade ones.
9 changes of clothes a day give or take.
Hundreds of burp rags..
2-3 loads of laundry a day.

Drew-Drew Bee- yeah we also call him Drewcilla

Abbi and Auntie Jenn at feeding time. Where is there mother?

Sam I am or Sammi

My out ladies!

The Vickers men.....

Halloween with Nat, Mason, Cooper and Jack!

Max or Maxi Moo

The original boy!!!

Happy Halloween!!!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Swine Flu..and the Trio is 1 month old!

The babies are 1month old today. Time really flies! Anyone who knows me or atleast knows me well, knows what a baby hog I am. If I know you and you have a child I have probably stolen your sleeping newborn out of your arms atleast once. I just love babies. Now here I sit with three newborns and I couldn't be happier! The boys are growing and changing everyday. They look totally different from eachother. Drew is a mini Jack, Sam and Max are there own men, who really do not look alike at all. Max is the little one at 6lbs. 3oz. Sam is sitting at 6lbz 13oz and Drew is the bruiser at an even 7lbs.

We are all adjusting to bottle feeding. I am probably adjusting the most. It is what it is I suppose. The boys reflux continues to mystify us. Who would have thought they could spit out their noses daily. Poor babies!!!!

As the title tells the swine flu made it to the house. The carrier- Jack. Colin and Jack both were sick with H1N1 this week. Good times to be had in our household. Both were forced into seclusion in the master bedroom. We brought them food and water and the Wii. Colin had it worse than Jack did. Colin still isn't feeling 100%, but he gets to sleep with me and three screaming babies again so life for him is on the up swing!!!

We have been lucky enough to have lots of great visitors this first month. My Mom has been staying with us, Mimi and Family flew in, Randi Rene has come to help, and My Grandma and Uncle Roch were able to visit. The babies really appreciate the extra help that they are getting!!!



Mom, Grandma, Me and the trio

Abbi, Jack and Emma with the trio

Aunt Mimi and Sam

Jack and Max

Thursday, October 8, 2009


The boys last night in the hospital
Jenni was released from the hospital on Tuesday afternoon. She's on several medications to continue to keep her blood thin to allow her body to break down the blood clots. She's feeling much better, and will continue to be closely monitored. She has also scheduled an appointment with a cardiologist later this month.

The boys give Jack his gift

Lord Vader's true son?
Jack had been hearing rumors for a week about how the nurses had overheard the boys talking about the present they were going to get for Jack when they got to go home. He finally got his gift from them Tuesday afternoon. He was very pleased that his brother's knew exactly what he wanted :)

Jack and the Boys Chillin'
The boys had their follow up visit this morning with the pediatrician. Drew is weiging in at 5#5oz, Max was at 5# 2oz, and Sam weighed in at 5#7oz, so he's overtaken his brother again. We will continue the same food regimen of eating every 3 hours, and do another weigh in next week.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Jack Meets his Brothers...and they finally have full names

After some finagling by our Dr. and the GREAT nurses at the hospital, Jack was able to finally meet his brothers. HE LOVES THEM!

Jack meets Max Brown Vickers
better known as Jedi

Jack meets Drew Anthony Vickers

Jack and Sam Frances Vickers
Jack's 'Chick'

Jack, Drew, Max, & Sam

In other news, Jenni is feeling much better, though the coumadin has not yet begun to show up enough in her labs to get her sent home. Jenni's good friend Susie was able to meet the boys on Friday night on her way to the Big Apple. Aunt Jen made it up on Saturday to meet them as well. I'd post pics but the blog webmaster only lets you upload 5 pics at a time...

The boys were officially discharged and made boarders in Jenni's room last night. Here's a photo of our new studio apartment. It's a little crowded with 5....

Jenni was allowed to leave her room today (Monday) have lunch in the cafeteria and get her Jack fix as that's the one part of the hospital he's allowed. The boys made the journey as well in the geo-metro better known as the 3 baby stroller...quite the sight to behold...

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Ups and Downs of Week 1

Sorry for the lack of updates, it’s been a busy week with many ups and downs. The boys are all doing great, Jenni is another story I’ll get to in a minute. The boys all arrived and were initially put on oxygen, given IVs and then were introduced to Jenni once they were stabilized. They were put on feeding tubes. They’ve done well most of the week, trying to learn to feed, and had their feeding tubes out later in the week.
Jack has not been able to meet his brothers as the hospital has instituted their flu-lockdown. Meaning, only 2 visitors at a time, and no one under the age of 12, I count as a visitor, no exceptions.

Jenni was doing well initially. Jenni was discharged on Monday, and made a boarder at the hospital, meaning we kept the room across the hall from the nursery, but she was free to come and go from the hospital as she pleased. Jenni initially had some difficulty breathing, only able to breathe in half the volume one would normally. This was thought to be from the massive amount of fluids in her body from carrying the triplets for so long, and once she was able to dispense of the extra fluid everything would return to normal.
Jenni actually had preeclampsia at the time of delivery, accounting for the massive amounts of fluid in her system. Her kidneys and liver were barely functioning Saturday night, but they were functioning and able to get them up and running normally by Sunday morning. Tuesday Jenni still felt shortness of breath, the main concern they were looking for then was surgical pneumonia, though she still retained a lot of water. Her oxygen levels remained high, but her blood pressure was still fairly high as well. Wednesday night Jenni stayed at home and I stayed at the hospital. Jenni called me at about 2am as she didn’t feel like she could catch her breath and couldn’t sleep. She called the on call doctor, and she had me bring Jenni up to the hospital to check her vitals, which looked fine.
By Wednesday morning Jenni had not really slept in 72 hours. Dr. Storey prescribed Ambien. After taking the pill around noon, she still couldn’t fall asleep. I called Dr. Storey’s office and let him know she still wasn’t sleeping and something wasn’t right, he asked that I bring her up to his office right away so he could take another look at her. He checked her out and then let us know we needed to go get some tests done. He was hoping she was anemiac, but wanted a chest x-ray to check for pneumonia. If it wasn’t either of those then he needed us to see a pulmonary specialist. We were sent to the hospital where Jenni was readmitted for blood work and a chest x-ray. Both came back fine.
Jenni saw the pulmonary specialist on Thursday, he informed us unfortunately it was 1 of 3 things, congestive heart failure, a pulmonary embolism, or cardiomyopathy. He said we needed to hope for the congestive heart failure, as that would be a result of the excess fluid and would be easier treated. Jenni was sent for a CT-scan. We came back to his office, and were given the news that it Jenni had clots on her lungs. She was readmitted and we requested to be returned to her room across from the Nursery. Dr. Storey and Dr. Tett made that happen.
Jenni was immediately started on heparin Thursday. The heparin was almost immediately at the therapeutic level, meaning the clot was being broken up and was maintained through this morning (Saturday). They are switching her over the Coumadin today. Jenni also had an Echo Friday morning as well as another chest x-ray. We spoke with Dr. Tett today to discuss the results and treatment. Unfortunately Jenni had all 3 of the conditions he spoke of, but thankfully she is still with us and being treated very well. All of the conditions may be entirely reversible, and heal with time. Jenni is doing better, and can breathe better as she dumps the extra fluid and breaks down the clots.
The boys had their 1 week birthday feeding with mom at noon today, aunt Jen helped.
I cannot say enough about the staff of nurses and doctors at the hospital. Everyone has been AMAZING with both Jenni and the boys. Dr. Storey in particular for recognizing that something was very wrong with Jenni, and it wasn’t just some water retention and the anxiety of having the boys. For many people they don’t find out what was really wrong until it’s to late. He methodically checked each possibility, and kept going until we found what was wrong.
Originally Dr. Tett had prepared us that Jenni may be in the hospital through next Friday. As she responded well to the heparin and they were able to get it to a therapeutic level right away and keep it there as long as they did, we’ve knocked days off that. He said this morning worse case she’s still in her studio apartment through mid-week, hopefully we get her home sooner.
We have 3 35 week boys that are doing better every day, that didn't have to make a trip to Denver, and Jenni is on her way to recovery as well. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers at this time, keep them coming.

Jenni and Trio

Saturday, September 26, 2009

They're Here!!!

Jenni's water broke about 9:15 this morning. The babies were delivered via c-section at 11:44,11:45,and 11:46. Drew came screaming into the world first at 5lbs 4 oz 17 1/4 inches. Max came in 4 lbs 14ozs 18 1/4 inches at 11:45, and Sam weighed in at 5 lbs 1 oz and 17 3/4 inches long.

Mom,Jack,Dad, and babies are all doing great!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

34 weeks- Whoo-Hooo!!!

Well we can officially be delivered here in town as of Friday. In fact I thought on Friday that somethings were starting to happen but I truly am becoming that dumb pg girl that doesn't have a clue. Being pregnant is still as fun as it has been. I have become an insomniac and am starting to look like the stay puff marshmallow man- swelling is apparently normal with multiples. We have our next appt. with Dr. Storey on Thursday and will see if anything is going on though I pretty sure it is not.
I have decided that they are ordering bedroom furniture and a keg-o-rator and are not planning on moving out of me ever! Jack was the same way,hence the reason I have zero clue what a contraction feels like!
We did get our second triple stroller!!! Yeah I know that we went from not going to get even one to now having 2. This one is a better infant stroller than the first one. I will be posting pics of it after our appt. Their carriers just latch right on it. We are a little concerned about the lack of a breaking system-- it has a strap that you hold onto- but Jack said has assured us that it will be his job to be the brakes! The other triplet mom in town has warned me that her boys have been taken by the wind and to always put the diaper bag in front of the wheel. More adventures to have!! I can hardly wait!
Colin made the exexcutive decision to send Jack to daycare this week so that I could cook his offspring a little longer. I hate that Iam at home and he is not with me, but I know that it is for the best. The longer they hang out in their studio appartment the less likely that one or more will have to go to Denver. And honestly I am not the most fun girl to hang out with, so it is probably better that he spends time with his friends. I really do not like building train tracks on the floor at this point in the game, because I almost need a crane to get me off the floor!!

Friday, September 11, 2009

33 weeks and Pre- School Bound!!!

Yeah!!! We have made it to 33 weeks!!! We are all so happy that I have made it so far.Most Triplets are born between 29-32 weeks. In one more week they can be born here in Cheyenne and not in Denver. We had our big appointment in Denver last week. The boys are getting big!!! A- is 4lbs and 3oz, B -is 3lbs and 15oz, C-is 4lbs and 10oz! The Perinatoligist that we met with didn't think that I would make the big Columbus day C-section. Another surprise from triplet land! These 3 are going to keep us guessing! Apparently the cervix of steel is shrinking, so she thought that I would either..develope pre-eclampsia, labor would start or my water would break. LABOR??? I do not do Labor. I like to have babies like Brittney Spears. Slice and dice and lots of drugs!!! So we shall see what happens. I could probably handle a few minutes of labor while they prep the operating room...don't you think? How early can they start an epidural?

We met with Dr.Storey today, love him!!! He made it back from his vacation alive and well. I was thrilled!! He is hoping that I can hang on until 35 weeks. He chatted with all of the pediatricians and they are ready for these guys at 34 weeks. The longer they stay in the less likely that they will have to take a trip to Denver. So I am keeping everything crossed and will be taking it easy next week...apparently that means no shopping trips and hanging around the house. We are thinking about sending Jack to daycare next week so I can rest. I am not as hip on this idea as you might think. He already goes to preschool 3 days a week in the morning, so I think that might be enough.
I do have a supply of great babysitters for myself. Chrystal and Alex spent last weekend entertaining me and we were thrilled to have Swue and the girls in before their big vaycay to Disney World!! We are so blessed to have such wonderful friends!!! The girls at work heard about Jack and I eating ice cream for dinner, so they have been on a mission to stock the freezer and feed the family. I love casseroles!!! Colin has been sooo busy with work that he hasn't been home as much as he would like. He was also terrified that the babies were coming this weekend during the big Texas game, so he has had some late nights...hence yummy casseroles from my Lebhart girlies!!!

Let me just start with a disclaimer on this horrendous picture of myself: Yuck!!! I am not looking my super-model best. But this picture is for Mary.... here is the belly.

Jack's First day of Pre- School!!!

Can you believe how big he is???

Aniston and Jack at Pre-School.

Our tomato with the nose. Jack wanted to keep him forever, but he ended up eating him!!!

The boy and the tomato!!!

Fireman/ Pirate?????

So cute!!!!

Friday, August 28, 2009

31 weeks and counting!!

We have made it to 31 weeks!!! We had our doctor appt. on Tuesday with Dr. Storey. He is heading off the France so we were squeezed in. The babies looked good and heartbeats and fluid were normal. We discussed a tentative delivery day. Think Monday October 12, 2009- Colombus Day if you celebrate. This is only if things continue to go as well as they have. We are keeping a positive attitude and hoping for the best. Ok well Colin is keeping a positive attitude and I am trying to keep my whining to a minimal. I am not really succeeding at it, but atleast I try!!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

30 Weeks and The Binky Fairy

Well for those of you who are unaware of Jack's closet addiction to the Binky, he has come out and now defeated it with a well known parenting strategy.....bribery. Now before we go any further about how I should have taken them away years ago, I will just say that he LOVES them. One of them has a name..squishy. It was his lovey and his BFF all rolled into one. He talks normally and he only used them to get to sleep. Some people have a cocktail, Jack had a bink. Have I learned my lesson? You might ask. No! The triple threat will get binks too if they like them and frankly, I pray that they do, because I like sleeping and so do the other people in this house.
Now on with my wisdom. It all started at the dentists last monday. Dr. Gallagher told Jack that he needed to get rid of the night time bink because it was ruining his teeth. He didn't say anything until we got in the car that's when he told me that he "didn't agree" with her and that he thought he would just keep them. After a lot of discussion he decided that he would save them for his brothers. We would cut off the ones with holes so he could hold them at night if he wanted and save the others. I know you are worried about Squishy, don't worry he made it into the save box nasty as he might be. So on with the bribery. Well conveniently somebody has invented the Binky Fairy. She lives with Santa and the Easter Bunny and she was kind enough to send us a check, ( it's her busy season or she might have visited herself) an we were off to Toys R Us to pick out whatever Jack wanted to make the Binks go away. This is what we got.....

He is a Storm Trooper.
Yeah the gun is loud and so is the helmet. I don't care.He likes it. So I like it. He isn't allowed to use it with Grandma Chris, because she is not a gun lover and refuses to be a target. Seems fair to me.

On with the triple threat news. They are still in their studio apartment continuing to grow and making me experience pregnancy in a whole new way. Our last appointment was in Denver on friday. It was just a short one. They looked at the babies heart beats and saw how they were positioned on the inside. Think circle of babies with all their feet in the middle. The Dr. noted that they were all big boys and they looked good. She listened to me whine about everything- she is a lovely woman and the she broke the news to me about how long they are going to cook for. Apparently I have a cervix of steel. I guess because it looked so long and strong at the 28 week appt. that the possibility of me going into preterm labor is small. Good news! Hopefully we will dodge preeclampsia and the babies will keep up the good work of growing. We might actually get to leave with them when they are born and not have to do NICU time.

I did ask when we would deliver these guys. How long would they let me go? Not past 38 weeks so somewhere in the 37th week- hopefully the earliest part like 37 weeks 0 days. This is if they are growing well and not in distress and I am healthy. Now, have I mentioned that I look full term? Yes and I feel it too! 7 more weeks???? I am the little engine that could! I will also hold this over their heads until my dying day! I forgot ..two weeks ago they were (A) 2lbs 11oz, (B) 2lbs 8oz, and (C) 2lbs 10 oz.... My guess is that they are 3lbs + at this point . Add it up! That is a lot of baby!!!!! Somebody may want to call a tent company for my apparel needs real soon!

Jack and the belly!
Jack "protecting" the enormous planet Mama!

My Aunt Sharon!!!
My Aunt Sharon and UncleRoch came out for a visit. We were so busy that this is the only picture I have with my camera and I think Jack took it!!!
Jack at Mt. Rushmore- the mini family vaycay!
We have appts. every week so we will try our hardest to keep this up. Jack starts preschool in 2 weeks and Colin will be starting the season here very shortly. I of course will be incubating!