Thursday, May 14, 2009

Week 15- Gender Determined?

We had our week 16 appointment in Denver yesterday. We dropped Jack off at Patti’s early but not before loading the kid up on Mickey D’s. Our appointment was scheduled for 11 but in true Vickers' fashion we arrived at 10 and were actually in with the radiologist by 10:30. She took A LOT of scans (somewhere around 150), and Jenni asked if she could check the sex as well...

A and C are most likely boys, and B is ‘probably’ a boy. She was able to get a pretty good look at B but ‘he’ moved and she tried again later and got another good look, saying she was pretty sure it was a boy but wouldn’t guarantee. Before we put Papa Bear on suicide watch, in our meeting with the Dr. after, she felt it was too early to determine definitive anatomy, but thought we would know for sure at either our appointment on the 29th with Dr. Storey, or on our follow up in Denver on the 9th. So there is hope yet. Jack still wants a sister as well, so maybe he and Papa Bear can form a support group...

Researching online I found that they are usually able to tell within about 80% of accuracy within 12-16 weeks. They are more accurate the farther along you are, unless of course the technician rides the short bus to work. Seeing as how we are pretty close to 16 weeks that would put them at about 85% accuracy. Also the errors made at this point are usually incorrectly identifying a boy as a girl and not the other way around, though occasionally a technician will incorrectly identify the umbilical cord as a penis.

Baby A pictured above is located head down on the bottom. A had a heart rate of 148 and all other measurements were good. All babies were measuring within a day at either 15 weeks 6 days or 16 weeks. This is a profile picture and you can see the baby's head laying across from left to right.

Baby B pictured above is breech and located up toward the middle on Jenni's left side. There was some initial concern that A and B might be identicals, but they pretty much ruled that out with this appointment, although they can't tell for certain. Being fraternal triplets eliminates some of the complications that can occur so this was good news. Baby B had a lower heart rate of 127, the Dr. said 120-180 is normal so B was probably just sleeping....B is our holdout and posibly a girl....

Baby C is also breech and is located on Jenni's right side high up almost by her belly button. Jenni thinks she can feel C now that she know's where 'he' is. Baby C had a heart rate of 164 and was doing good as well.

Of course we can't forget Jack attack, here's a picture of him learning to fend for himself.

In other news on mother's day I finally got around to putting the molding up on around the new windows in the soon to be nursery. Like most of my projects I only just put the windows in last summer and am finally getting around to finishing it. Still have to do the outside...but it's a start.
Next appointment-May the mean time Jack and I will be heading to Iowa this weekend to spend 2 weeks taking care of the nephew Zander the Jake...

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Week 14 Dr Appointment Update

Jenni had her 14 week appointment today and it went well. We started with an ultrasound to check on the babies growth and heart rates. All babies are measuring at 14 weeks 4 days. I don't have a scanner so I resorted to taking a photo of the ultrasound. You can kind of see baby A on the right side at an upper right angle. B is on the top laying across the picture. Baby C is on the lower left trying to hide, almost straight up and down, head at the top. We can't tell the genders yet and they don't expect to be able to see until our 22nd week 2 1/2 hour mega 4d ultrasound.

The babies have been added to the artwork on the walls of the Dr's office. It's like this is rare or something...or maybe they really are the Dr's and Jenni and he have something they need to share with me....

Jack joined us at the appointment today and enjoyed seeing the babies on the screen. The heartbeats were all measuring in the 140's....according to Jenni boy's typically measure in this range, probably an old wives tail. The telling fact is probably that we can't agree on any boy names, so yeah it's probably all boys...Jack's urinal here we come.

We are going to be co-managed with Denver University hospital, as that is where the babies will be delivered if they decide to make an early appearance. They faxxed our stuff down today and hopefully they can see us next week, as Jack and I will be in Iowa playing mario-party with uncle Seth and Aunt Jessi for two weeks....err taking care of baby Zander I mean...
Jack and I went and saw Seth, Jessi, and Alexander a couple of weeks ago!
Next Dr's appointment is scheduled for May 29th...with the Denver appointment TBD

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Week 14

We took the sister wives down to the Fort to a 'Multiples Garage Sale' to scavange. It was a parents of Multiples group that Jenni found online that has periodic garage sales. And Yes Seth it's means we will only be hanging out with other parents of multiples from now on. We left Jack Jack with Seth's mother so the wives could have my undivided attention.
Of course on the ride down we discuss how we would NOT be purchasing one of those huge ass 3 person strollers because they are like 1200 bucks and we could just buy 1 double stroller from Target and then use Jack's single stroller. The thinking was we probably wouldn't be going out anywhere where there wasn't at least 2 adults. Of course the first item we find and purchase is this:

We were informed the previous owner had been trying to sell it for a while and kept dropping the price with each garage sale. It was a $250 score! Of course now we need to get a luggage rack for the Grand Caravan to haul it around with us. But I digress.

We also found some clothes and other items. We hooked up wih Jay and registered at babies R us. On the way home we stopped and bought some lotto tickets. We matched all 6 numbers, of course no more than 2 on each ticket.

To document how Jenni's progressing we took some pictures today. By Jenni's request, here is the least flatoring one:

We have our next appointment on Tuesday, so expect an update soon. And it looks like the voting is leaning heavily towards 3 boys....