Saturday, November 14, 2009

7 weeks old ...The saga continues!!!

We have made it to almost two months with the Trio. Time really flies. They are all growing and changing everyday. Drew,Max&Jack all caught colds and I have spent more time up at the Booger Clinic (Children's Clinic) then I thought possible. Two times in one day with different kids each time! All the boys are over 8lbs, Sam is 1/2 an ounce away from 9lbs. Jack continues to love on his "sweethearts" or "my boys" as he likes to call them as he basically licks their heads and spread all the germs he can on them! It is a disgusting display of love! I have also decided that people really want to see more pics and less of my writing so I doubled the pics this week!! Thanks again to all the help that we have been getting! We are truly blessed with wonderful friends and family!

OOh I almost forgot people are really interested in how much of everything we use. Now we are not the Duggars, but we are cruising through formula, diapers, and wipes at rapid rate!!

One Days Baby needs:
24 - 4oz bottles...about 108oz of formula a day..about 1 can a day.
24-30 diapers a day
1/2 - 1 box of wipes- especially the homemade ones.
9 changes of clothes a day give or take.
Hundreds of burp rags..
2-3 loads of laundry a day.

Drew-Drew Bee- yeah we also call him Drewcilla

Abbi and Auntie Jenn at feeding time. Where is there mother?

Sam I am or Sammi

My out ladies!

The Vickers men.....

Halloween with Nat, Mason, Cooper and Jack!

Max or Maxi Moo

The original boy!!!

Happy Halloween!!!!