Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sad Day

Yesterday we made the decision to put Issac to sleep. It totally sucked. We have had him since 96, when Mimi and Misty thought we should get a dog. Mimi wanted this blind hard of hearing dog, but they decided on the little red one that kept jumping really high and was an "escape artist". So Issac was brought into our lives. He was a consistent college roomate, running partner for Mimi, furniture sitter, kid lover,window barker and our first baby.
He has watched all of his Moms get married and have babies. He has played with all of our kids and has always been gentle. Alex especially loved Issac even though he shouldn't. Jack took it pretty well, since out of the three muts in this house Issac was his favorite. It sucks! There is just not a good way to put it. But he was in pain and it was not fair to make him suffer.

Jack and Issac

The boys at their table.
Sam practicing sitting! Yeah Sam!!!

Papa Bear breaking in the new triplet accessory.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Year Ago..... Yesterday

A year ago yesterday was the day that we found out that our lives were going to change forever. It is hard to believe that a year has already passed and our little boys are here growing and healthy. I can still remember the overwhelming sense of dread that I felt going to the doctor that day, not knowing if we were going to lose the pregnancy. Dr. Storey had told me that if we were miscarrying that there was nothing that could be done blah,,blah.... all the same stuff that they say that really doesn't make you feel any better. We were still a little hopeful that things would turn out all right and the baby would be fine, but we didn't really know.
Dr. Storey was busy that day so Dr. Beveridge performed the U/S with our favorite nurse Leah. I had never met Dr. B before and I am afraid that the profanities that came spilling out of my mouth upon hearing the news may have not left the best impression. Though when you find out that there are 3 heartbeats instead of 1 it can take you by surprise. So I feel ok with dropping the F bomb on him. "Are you F***ing kidding me?" Seriously what would you have said?
And here we sit.... three screaming boys are on the floor in their pj's allright 2 are screaming. Max and Drew are voicing their opinions on my blogging while I try to finish the post. Sam has passed out and the grouchy Jack is watching TV. Life is crazy and we keep adding more to our plate. Colin and I stumbled upon our dream house three weeks ago. A cute farm house 10 miles out of town with 5 acres for boys and dogs. It is a forclosure so we have put in an offer and are waiting to hear from the bank that holds the note. Soooo we are trying to get this house ready to sell and not neglect our children and dogs. Ha! Now we are trying to figure out how to "declutter" a house with baby triplets. I would like to see this show on TLC. Maybe I will call the network........ if anyone is looking for a house in Cheyenne I've got one for sale.

These latest pics were taken 2 weeks ago when Seth, Jessie and Xander came to visit. The little boy that Jack is holding is not the 4th triplet...but Xander.