Monday, July 20, 2009

Jack's Photo Shoot and The 25th Week

I have been "allowed" to write on the blog. Ha! We have been pretty busy these last couple of weeks. Colin has his honey do list and I have been resting ALOT. My day starts around 8 am and ends about 1:30 pm. Jack is trying to grow out of his naps, but I am fighting him tooth and nail. We have incorporated rest time. Sometimes he falls asleep and sometimes only I do. He actually has been pretty good about atleast watching a show while I nap. I think things will change when he starts pre school and is being a little more active. The babies are moving around quite a bit lately and giving us a baby show on as regular basis. Somebody or somebodies were river dancing on my bladder last night, but other than that I have been feeling pretty good. I am growing at rapid rate and should be wearing a 2 person tent real soon! So if anyone has an old one that they might want to lend me ..let me know!
Jack had his 4 year photo shoot last Monday. It is more like 41/2 year photo shoot,but we have had some stuff going on.Val Rothwell took his pictures and she did a great job. Jack was pretty good and left his sassy mouth at home. She took some belly shots with Jack and they are pretty cute! I didn't envision participating at his modeling session, but a plus size super model has to do what she must! My mother in law thought it would be a good idea to take the full body Shamoo shot of me to her chiropracter to show off- you people will have to view it in person because it will never be posted! In fact I hope it gets lost in her apartment!

Jack's Blue Hawaii Look!

This is campaign shot! I am not sure what he is going to run for, but I think he will win with this pose!

He is really starting to look like Colin...hmmm!

He loves them now..... I hope it stays that way!

On to the Appointment! 25 weeks and 3 days!

We saw Dr. Storey today. Jenn and Abbi came over to fight Jack into napping. Thanks Girls!! The boys all look really good. They have changed positions again. A and C are breech and B is laying right across my belly side ways. This of cours gives them the ability to put there heads together and plot against us! You could count 3 little heads all in a row, probably discussing the fact that they don't have real names yet and if they will get any soon! We watched them all practice there breathing. It is alot of legs and arms and other boy parts in there so the U/S shots are not that great. We did get a really good one of C or Chick(Jacks name) opening and closing his mouth.You can't read the caption that the funny Doc put in next to it, but it says- Mom's kid mouth wide open! You can see his little eye,nose and the big black hole is his mouth.They still look a little puppy like to me,but I am hoping that will change as they fatten up.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Week 22-Long Awaited Update!

Dear Readers of the Blog,

My apologies for not getting the site updates up this past month. As you will see in this latest entry we’ve been up to quite a bit, namely getting everything ready for our hopefully later than sooner arrivals.

Mimi, Clint and Emma were down for a week to help us get some items knocked off my honey do list. We had an appointment in Denver on Wednesday the 10th. Mimi was able to attend. We had the usual 150 plus ultrasounds images. Everyone did well. Jenni’s blood pressure was good and the babies’ growth was on schedule, Baby A was 10 oz, Baby B was 11 oz, and Baby C measured at a whopping 12 oz.
>We met with Dr. Davies after our ultrasound, but weren’t able to meet with all the other specialists as our 2 appointments were scheduled to close together and the ultrasound went long. Dr. Davies is very nice and answered all of our questions. She informed Jenni she would need to take a blood sugar test ASAP. Mimi about fell out of her chair as Jenni had just finished wolfing down a big ass taffy bar between our appointments. No worries, though as she just wanted her to take the test in Cheyenne before coming back for our next appointment in Denver.

Jack and Emma Played firepeople!

Clint and everyone helped us get a crap load done while they were here. He played Paul Bunyon and trimmed up all of trees. I got to be trusty Babe the ox and haul the carnage to the mulching station. Next we tackled the garage and played sanitation worker by hauling several loads to the dump….make that transfer station, as apparently our fine city no longer accepts TRASH at the DUMP…starting May 1st…they should have a sign.

After that we played Electrician where we moved the computer down stairs to the closet outside of the bathroom. We had to rewire the cable as everything (phone, internet, cable) all runs off the 1 modem, and install some new power. We even had to steal some parts from the old computer armoir so I could make a holder for my keyboard. So Rita, if Jim can’t figure out where your keyboard goes, you might want to ask Mr. Howe, it’s not in my closet either so don’t look there.

Our next game was contractor, where we fabricated our very own window flashing. We were able to find a place in town that sells huge 50’ X 2’ rolls of aluminum flashing. And for the truly motivated they even rent this huge ass 10 foot brake to bend it all yourself. We trimmed out the windows first and went back the next day and rented the brake, barely fitting it in the back of the wifebeater. To bad it’s dark or I would go take a picture of the wife beater right now. Jack’s going to learn to drive on the wifebeater. The wifebeater is a 1980 truck formerly owned by the highway department. So it’s safety yellow, and really beat up. I mean REALLY BEAT up. It has a formally green door (painted yellow to match by us), the rear bumper is on the front of the truck…do I really have to say more?

Anyways after getting the brake we spent most of the rest of the day driving to Murdock’s and Capital Lumber getting everything we needed to get the job done. Eventually we fabricated our first window and shot it in place. We finished manufacturing all of the windows the next day. Jen and I played on the ladders the next weekend and attached all the flashing. It does look really good.

While the boys were all working hard, the girls played house and painted the babies’ room. They also hung wall paper, and Jay and Jen built the cribs. I think the girls also cleaned the basement but I haven’t checked yet…Here are some photos of the Romanian Orphanage, I mean the babies' room...

I'm told that there was also a baby shower at some point...filling up a couple closets...
For the summer solstice we went to Denver and enjoyed a party at the park hosted by Mimi’s brother Mike and his friends. Good times. For Father’s day everyone but Jenni went and climbed a glacier outside of Denver. Tim skied down it, we had a picnic, and Jack, Emma, and Alex all are little mountain goats who aren’t afraid of hypothermia. But I digress.

Jenni had her next appointment in Cheyenne on the 25th. Not much happens at the Dr. Storey appointments as he mostly monitors her vitals, does an ultrasound where they check A, B, & C’s heart rates, and answers any questions we might have.

Jenni took her glucose test and learned that her blood sugar measured at 140, a borderline reading. Unfortunately this meant Jenni had to take the longer 3 hour test which requires 12 hours of fasting before you get your blood sugar tested every hour for 3 hours. She was a trooper though and got through it. We heard the results on Tuesday, and everything checked out.

This brings us to our Week 23 appointment which we had yesterday in Denver. We went down on Tuesday night, and stayed with Crystal and Tim. Jack, Chrystal, and Alex all camped out in the tent in their back yard. Very exciting for Jack! Chrystal took Jack and Alex to the zoo while we went to our appointment.

We had a shorter ultrasound with only 110 images. Everything looked good. Baby A had a 134 heart rate and was measuring at 1lb 5 oz, Baby B was at 150s heart rate and measured at 1lb 8oz, and Baby C had a heart rate of 146 and measured in at a whopping 1lb 9oz. Jenni’s cervix was still measuring at over 5 mms, which is great. We met with Dr. Best to go over the ultrasound, and she said everything looked great. We met with Dr. Davies after the ultrasound, and she gave Jenni the news that while everything checked out with her blood sugar, she will have to take the test again around week 32 just to make sure everything is still good. Everyone seems really optimistic that everything is going well and we could in all likelihood make it to at least 34 weeks and have the babies in Cheyenne rather than Denver!

We have our next appointment in Cheyenne on the 20th, our next Denver ultrasound on the 6th, and our next Denver Dr.'s appointment on the 21st of August. In the mean time I will attempt to educate Jenni on the ways of the blog so that you don't have to wait as long for you next update.

Last Sunday, Jack went with Seth's mother to see her friend's fish pond...