Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Boys

Well, I can hardly believe how long it has taken me to add a few pics of the litter. The whole full time job thing has really gotten in my way as a blogger. I am pretty sure that I will not be making my millions off of this.

The latest news in the BLV household is that we switched Jack and the babies rooms. I am not sure why I wouldn't agree to it when I was prego, but I wouldn't and I was wrong. We should have had them switch rooms from the beginning and only painted once instead of three times! Oooops! So we now have a Space/Star Wars room. Jack's pick not mine. I tried to influence with more space and less character garbage, but he has a decorating mind of his own. So instead of my usual painted theme I bought the cheap star wars wall stickers and made new curtains for the windows and "fort". It looks cute and we are all happy. I will now have to repaint Jack's room and make it the nursery...again. I like to paint so I really don't mind.

Our boys are all getting so big. I can't believe that they will be six months old in a couple of weeks. Everybody is healthy and fat. There are pictures of the peanut (Max) who is now the biggest of them all. He is almost 16 pounds. I took pics of his giant thunder thighs because they are too damn cute.
The boys are not very modest.. a trait Colin insists comes from my side of the family. We can hardly keep Jack dressed and the babies like the freedom that being a nudist allows!

Jack and Sam in the basket

What is cuter than a baby in overalls? 3 babies in overalls!

Max in his new hat.

Sam in his new hat.

Drew in his new hat. oops I erased it.

Sleepy Drew and Colin

Max's thunder thighs!!!!!



Jack and Drew

Max and Sam

PJ Day
Sleepy Max


Screaming Sam