Thursday, February 11, 2010

Back to work and all that jazz...

I haven't written in awhile because my little stint as super stay at home wife/mother is over and I am back to work and spending time with my other children. They are good little first graders. Job share girl did a bang up job whipping them into shape and so these last 3 weeks have been pretty smooth on the work front. The homefront hasn't been too bad either. I miss the boys, but we are lucky to have my mom staying with us to take care of the boy boys while we are at work.
I keep telling myself that I am showing 4 little men what strong independent girls do...they go to work and keep it all together..sort of..with the help of their friends and family. Anyway I have decided that they will all become pharmacist so that their wives/partners will get to stay at home if they want to and raise my grandchildren.
I know lots of other working moms whose kids are normal and well adjusted so I am just keeping my fingers crossed that the therapy bills are small and it will work out. I am sure it will.

The most important news is that the original boy turned 5 on 1-27-10. We had a little party at the Party Pony with a Yoda cake and Darth Vador plates. Everyone had fun. I will upload pics soon!!! Jack is still being Jack. He is still running around the house half clothed shooting at the air, dogs, brothers and us. Needless to say the house isn't quiet. The 3 little boy boys are doing well. Sam is rolling over from belly to back, Max is talking up a storm, and Drew is still our mellow man. They all have little colds, but we have our 4 month appt. tomorrow, so I am not to worried.