Tuesday, December 8, 2009

9 weeks

A belated happy Thanksgiving!!!

Jack is a really big help!!!!



The holiday season is closing in on us and the boys have are 9 weeks old. They are really starting to get big and they are becoming more human everyday. Sam was smiling at Jack yesterday during a short torture session. Jack is a very good big brother and is staring to have more fun with his sweethearts. The boys all recieved their RSV shot last week. Thank god!! So we are hoping for a healthy winter. Of course they got weighed at the Dr. as well.

Sam = 10lbs 11 oz
Drew= 9lbs 14oz
Max= 9lbs 12 oz

They are really packing it on. Which is a good thing because it means that a full nights sleep is around the corner!! They did really well last night. They ate at 11:30 and Max woke up at 3:45 and started the invasion into our bed. He didn't eat until quarter till 5 and and then Sam and Drew both started to stir around 5-5:30. So really about 5 hours or so!!! The Vickers Trio will be sleeping through the night before Santa comes!!! I have been talking to them about sleeping a lot since they were in their one bedroom apartment in my body and itis paying off!! Alway think positive!!!