Saturday, September 26, 2009

They're Here!!!

Jenni's water broke about 9:15 this morning. The babies were delivered via c-section at 11:44,11:45,and 11:46. Drew came screaming into the world first at 5lbs 4 oz 17 1/4 inches. Max came in 4 lbs 14ozs 18 1/4 inches at 11:45, and Sam weighed in at 5 lbs 1 oz and 17 3/4 inches long.

Mom,Jack,Dad, and babies are all doing great!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

34 weeks- Whoo-Hooo!!!

Well we can officially be delivered here in town as of Friday. In fact I thought on Friday that somethings were starting to happen but I truly am becoming that dumb pg girl that doesn't have a clue. Being pregnant is still as fun as it has been. I have become an insomniac and am starting to look like the stay puff marshmallow man- swelling is apparently normal with multiples. We have our next appt. with Dr. Storey on Thursday and will see if anything is going on though I pretty sure it is not.
I have decided that they are ordering bedroom furniture and a keg-o-rator and are not planning on moving out of me ever! Jack was the same way,hence the reason I have zero clue what a contraction feels like!
We did get our second triple stroller!!! Yeah I know that we went from not going to get even one to now having 2. This one is a better infant stroller than the first one. I will be posting pics of it after our appt. Their carriers just latch right on it. We are a little concerned about the lack of a breaking system-- it has a strap that you hold onto- but Jack said has assured us that it will be his job to be the brakes! The other triplet mom in town has warned me that her boys have been taken by the wind and to always put the diaper bag in front of the wheel. More adventures to have!! I can hardly wait!
Colin made the exexcutive decision to send Jack to daycare this week so that I could cook his offspring a little longer. I hate that Iam at home and he is not with me, but I know that it is for the best. The longer they hang out in their studio appartment the less likely that one or more will have to go to Denver. And honestly I am not the most fun girl to hang out with, so it is probably better that he spends time with his friends. I really do not like building train tracks on the floor at this point in the game, because I almost need a crane to get me off the floor!!

Friday, September 11, 2009

33 weeks and Pre- School Bound!!!

Yeah!!! We have made it to 33 weeks!!! We are all so happy that I have made it so far.Most Triplets are born between 29-32 weeks. In one more week they can be born here in Cheyenne and not in Denver. We had our big appointment in Denver last week. The boys are getting big!!! A- is 4lbs and 3oz, B -is 3lbs and 15oz, C-is 4lbs and 10oz! The Perinatoligist that we met with didn't think that I would make the big Columbus day C-section. Another surprise from triplet land! These 3 are going to keep us guessing! Apparently the cervix of steel is shrinking, so she thought that I would either..develope pre-eclampsia, labor would start or my water would break. LABOR??? I do not do Labor. I like to have babies like Brittney Spears. Slice and dice and lots of drugs!!! So we shall see what happens. I could probably handle a few minutes of labor while they prep the operating room...don't you think? How early can they start an epidural?

We met with Dr.Storey today, love him!!! He made it back from his vacation alive and well. I was thrilled!! He is hoping that I can hang on until 35 weeks. He chatted with all of the pediatricians and they are ready for these guys at 34 weeks. The longer they stay in the less likely that they will have to take a trip to Denver. So I am keeping everything crossed and will be taking it easy next week...apparently that means no shopping trips and hanging around the house. We are thinking about sending Jack to daycare next week so I can rest. I am not as hip on this idea as you might think. He already goes to preschool 3 days a week in the morning, so I think that might be enough.
I do have a supply of great babysitters for myself. Chrystal and Alex spent last weekend entertaining me and we were thrilled to have Swue and the girls in before their big vaycay to Disney World!! We are so blessed to have such wonderful friends!!! The girls at work heard about Jack and I eating ice cream for dinner, so they have been on a mission to stock the freezer and feed the family. I love casseroles!!! Colin has been sooo busy with work that he hasn't been home as much as he would like. He was also terrified that the babies were coming this weekend during the big Texas game, so he has had some late nights...hence yummy casseroles from my Lebhart girlies!!!

Let me just start with a disclaimer on this horrendous picture of myself: Yuck!!! I am not looking my super-model best. But this picture is for Mary.... here is the belly.

Jack's First day of Pre- School!!!

Can you believe how big he is???

Aniston and Jack at Pre-School.

Our tomato with the nose. Jack wanted to keep him forever, but he ended up eating him!!!

The boy and the tomato!!!

Fireman/ Pirate?????

So cute!!!!