Friday, August 28, 2009

31 weeks and counting!!

We have made it to 31 weeks!!! We had our doctor appt. on Tuesday with Dr. Storey. He is heading off the France so we were squeezed in. The babies looked good and heartbeats and fluid were normal. We discussed a tentative delivery day. Think Monday October 12, 2009- Colombus Day if you celebrate. This is only if things continue to go as well as they have. We are keeping a positive attitude and hoping for the best. Ok well Colin is keeping a positive attitude and I am trying to keep my whining to a minimal. I am not really succeeding at it, but atleast I try!!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

30 Weeks and The Binky Fairy

Well for those of you who are unaware of Jack's closet addiction to the Binky, he has come out and now defeated it with a well known parenting strategy.....bribery. Now before we go any further about how I should have taken them away years ago, I will just say that he LOVES them. One of them has a name..squishy. It was his lovey and his BFF all rolled into one. He talks normally and he only used them to get to sleep. Some people have a cocktail, Jack had a bink. Have I learned my lesson? You might ask. No! The triple threat will get binks too if they like them and frankly, I pray that they do, because I like sleeping and so do the other people in this house.
Now on with my wisdom. It all started at the dentists last monday. Dr. Gallagher told Jack that he needed to get rid of the night time bink because it was ruining his teeth. He didn't say anything until we got in the car that's when he told me that he "didn't agree" with her and that he thought he would just keep them. After a lot of discussion he decided that he would save them for his brothers. We would cut off the ones with holes so he could hold them at night if he wanted and save the others. I know you are worried about Squishy, don't worry he made it into the save box nasty as he might be. So on with the bribery. Well conveniently somebody has invented the Binky Fairy. She lives with Santa and the Easter Bunny and she was kind enough to send us a check, ( it's her busy season or she might have visited herself) an we were off to Toys R Us to pick out whatever Jack wanted to make the Binks go away. This is what we got.....

He is a Storm Trooper.
Yeah the gun is loud and so is the helmet. I don't care.He likes it. So I like it. He isn't allowed to use it with Grandma Chris, because she is not a gun lover and refuses to be a target. Seems fair to me.

On with the triple threat news. They are still in their studio apartment continuing to grow and making me experience pregnancy in a whole new way. Our last appointment was in Denver on friday. It was just a short one. They looked at the babies heart beats and saw how they were positioned on the inside. Think circle of babies with all their feet in the middle. The Dr. noted that they were all big boys and they looked good. She listened to me whine about everything- she is a lovely woman and the she broke the news to me about how long they are going to cook for. Apparently I have a cervix of steel. I guess because it looked so long and strong at the 28 week appt. that the possibility of me going into preterm labor is small. Good news! Hopefully we will dodge preeclampsia and the babies will keep up the good work of growing. We might actually get to leave with them when they are born and not have to do NICU time.

I did ask when we would deliver these guys. How long would they let me go? Not past 38 weeks so somewhere in the 37th week- hopefully the earliest part like 37 weeks 0 days. This is if they are growing well and not in distress and I am healthy. Now, have I mentioned that I look full term? Yes and I feel it too! 7 more weeks???? I am the little engine that could! I will also hold this over their heads until my dying day! I forgot ..two weeks ago they were (A) 2lbs 11oz, (B) 2lbs 8oz, and (C) 2lbs 10 oz.... My guess is that they are 3lbs + at this point . Add it up! That is a lot of baby!!!!! Somebody may want to call a tent company for my apparel needs real soon!

Jack and the belly!
Jack "protecting" the enormous planet Mama!

My Aunt Sharon!!!
My Aunt Sharon and UncleRoch came out for a visit. We were so busy that this is the only picture I have with my camera and I think Jack took it!!!
Jack at Mt. Rushmore- the mini family vaycay!
We have appts. every week so we will try our hardest to keep this up. Jack starts preschool in 2 weeks and Colin will be starting the season here very shortly. I of course will be incubating!