Monday, June 1, 2009

Week 18-Its a Sweep!!!

We had our week 18 appointment Friday morning with Dr. Storey in Cheyenne. Abbi and Jen were in attendance. Stadium seating still needs to be installed in the radiology room, as there are not enough chairs and some folks are having to stand.

The Dr. checked the heart rates of each baby and they are all within range. B's heart rate was back up in the 150's which was good. Dr. Storey double checked the sexes for us and confirmed that they are indeed all boys.

Baby A:
Baby B:
Baby C:

Abbi got to take the ultrasound images to show and tell! Our next appointment is in Denver on the 10th and we will get to meet with the whole maternal fetal specialists.
Jack and I spent the last couple of weeks in Iowa helping out with baby Xander, good practice. Though Seth refused to go find me 2 other newborns so I could get some real practice in. Good Times!
Jack enjoyed the parks as well