Saturday, November 20, 2010

New Boy Pics!!!

Here are the latest pics of the boys. Val did another great job. It is amazing how she can get such good pics out of 4 rotten boys. Jack was a real beast that day. looks really can be decieving because he looks like an angel!!! HAPPY Thanksgiving!!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ummm ....yeah we are still here!!!

OMG!!!n I can't believe that the last posting was in June! Apparently they've shut off the cute background paper due to my absence. I will try to correct that ASAP! I have no pictures which I know is a sin, but things are so crazy around here! The boys just got some new ones done and I will have them on here in a week. I pinky swear!!!
I do however have good reason for not being on here keeping everyone up to date on the family. We bought a new house, moved into it, Jack started Kindergarten, I started school and let us not forget about the Cowboys starting the see ya sometimes Colin! I apologize! Especially to Grandma Brown who did remind me to blog.

Everyone is doing great. Jack loves school and his wonderful teacher. I have a very nice class this year. My mom is back here watching the little boys. Sam is walking in a drunken sailor kind of way. Max is crawling really fast and will stand fall down again. Drew is crawling and getting into the thick of it. Colin is enjoying all of the little projects that I have for him. The house is growing on us and we love being out of town!!!