Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Life is like finding a Darth Vador Mask in your bed!

That's right wisdom from the great boy mother. I am considering writing a book and this will be my title. Mimi and Emma are up for a visit. Jack and Emma are creating their own kind of fun, namely mud pits in the backyard. Naked mud pits. I know many of you find it shocking that Mimi and my offspring are not the modest individuals that their mothers are. I am pretty sure that Karma is having a good laugh right now. Too bad we are laughing with her. We think naked mud pit is a funny game.
Colin and I took a short house hunting journey and we returned to 3 spanking clean babies and Emma and Jack in the tub looking sort of like mud wrestlers. Apparently while Mimi was bathing the little boys the two big kids were rolling in the mud like dogs! Enjoy! I am sure that there will be more adventures this week.

Abbi, Jack and Emma in the water

Emma and Jack

Emma and Jack

Mr. Adorables