Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Happenings Of The Family

Well it has been another busy month in the BLV household. Jack and I are finishing up with school and the other people are dealing with us...or atleast me. May is such a crazy month. It is as busy as August for a teacher. Jack wrapped up his last day of preschool last week. He really like pre school and all of the friends he made. His teachers thought that he would be ready to start school in the fall. Which is a good thing. He does have a little problem with socializing. He would rather talk with his friends than work or listen to a story. I personally am SHOCKED! I do not know where he got this kind of problem from.....

In other news the babies are all sitting up on their own. It really is a wonderful stage. They sort of entertain themselves and they CAN'T MOVE!!!! It is fantastic!!! I dread when they are moving in three different directions. All of them are holding their bottles so feeding is lots easier. Everybody is eating really well. I took a picture of their weekly food consumption. I want to remember how much the little piggies are eating. It breaks down to about...

35-49 jars of babyfood
1 big box rice cereal
2 big cans of formula

Needless to say I have decided to try and create my own babyfood. I have only done like two things. They liked it for the most part. How can you screw up squash? Just call me Mother Earth.

In house news we were lucky enough to sell our house 2 days before it was put on the market. Family friends are buying it and we couldn't be more happy. I would tell names, but I am not sure how they feel about being on my highly traveled site. Anyway we are still waiting on news of the Chuckwagon house. I told Colin that I will not freak out until June 15. In the mean time I am currently searching for the back up plan house. Which sucks, because I have already mentally moved into Chuckwagon. I had even come to terms with sending Jack to district 2. The housing market here is super ridiculous!!! Maybe I am cheap, but the price of houses is a joke. The Chuckwagon house definantely needs a little love and for the price I am willing to work on it, but I absolutely refuse to buy a $300K fixer upper! Colin also won't let me pay that much for a house, apparently we have 4 kids to put through college one day. So I have been on the hunt and can hardly wait for school to get out so that the realator and I can become dear friends!
None of the pics have labels this month because they posted in a different format. Hopefully you can tell the boys a part. Max is the biggest, Drew usually has a scratch on his face with fluffy hair and Sam's hair is longer on top!!!

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  1. WOW, they are super cute! What a fun age! I am happy your house sold already that is great! Best wishes for getting the house you want!